Invitation to Aspiration

Through the simple act of wearing a feather, I will silently show that I am doing my part to make the world more peaceful and harmonious by making a personal commitment to:

  • Slow down and give others the gift of my time and attention
  • Disarm myself by being less aggressive in my thoughts, words, and actions
  • Simplify my life so that I spend less of my time and energy striving to acquire and keep wealth and material goods
  • Follow a path – whether a religious faith or a non-religious ethical code of conduct –that inspires and supports me to avoid harming others and cultivate more loving kindness towards others
  • Refrain from trying to convert others to my own path or from disrespecting others because they follow a different path

The feather symbolizes that I am doing inner work that involves trying to take myself more lightly and live more gently.

I understand that The Feather is not a movement.  It is simply a way for me to make a quiet  but meaningful statement in a noisy, conflict-ridden world that I am working for peace, starting with myself.

I will be patient with myself and with the world.  I will keep trying no matter how often I fall short. When I see others wearing feathers, I will be reminded that I am not alone.  I will be glad and will not despair.


Wear a feather of your own design or choosing on your clothing, in your hair, as jewelry — however you would like.  There is no commercial, political, social, academic or religious activity associated with The Feather.   The person who posted this wishes to remain anonymous and does not benefit personally in any way.  There is nothing more to The Feather than what you see right here on this website.  Truly.