Affordable Feathers

Here are just a few ideas for where to find affordable, appropriate and safe feather jewelry:


1. You can make a feather pin yourself by going to a hobby or craft store and buying a bag of assorted feathers, some pin backings of various sizes, and some glue.

2.  Go to a jewelry store and look for a feather charm for a charm bracelet; you can use it as such or have the jeweler put a pin or earring backing on it.


1. Silver feather charms and pendants from Silver Enchantments

2. Native American jewelry that includes feather earrings, pendants, bracelets, wrap-rings, and hair clips, etc. — from All Tribes Indian Art

3. Leather replica feather jewelry from The Feather Lady

NOTE: The Feather does not vouch for the quality and service of the vendors listed above, does not endorse them over others, and in no way benefits by mentioning them here.  The Feather also truly hopes that, someday soon, we’ll live in a world where such legal disclaimers are no longer necessary!

Enjoy your search, but PLEASE do not harm or frighten any bird in the pursuit of a feather! That would go totally against the peaceful and non-violent intent of The Feather aspirations.   Also, it is best to refrain from using feathers you find on the ground, since they may have been dropped by birds that are carrying diseases.

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