Where to Start

Welcome to the feast! Each of the world’s major religions contains a contemplative tradition focused on inner work and transformation with the understanding that becoming a more loving and compassionate human being is essential to bringing about positive lasting change in the outer world. The Feather aspirations are in harmony with the universal themes common to all these traditions, and The Feather celebrates them all as offering valid and proven means for effecting personal transformation.

For a visual overview of the rich variety of contemplative practices spanning these traditions, see the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society’s Tree of Contemplative Practices.

But how can you get started on your inner journey if you have not yet decided which, if any, contemplative tradition is right for you?  One good first step is to develop a daily meditation practice as the foundation for cultivating inner peace. There are many good meditation courses available. In fact, the problem for many people is probably that there are TOO many and that it can be confusing and difficult to choose.

If you are reading this thinking that you would like to give meditation a try, The Feather suggests you visit the What Meditation Really Is website and check out the ten-step Dare to Meditate video guide that is available there at no cost. It’s an easy way to start and will give you a solid grounding that will serve you well, no matter which path you ultimately decide to take.

Of course, there is no question of one path being better than another; they are all just different routes to the summit of the same mountain. It is simply a matter of which path is better for YOU — which suits your aptitudes and temperament and is the most inspiring and helpful to you and, therefore, is the one you are most likely to stay on and follow to the end.

May you find great joy in your personal spiritual path.  And may you also take joy in knowing that there are multiple paths suited to the diversity of human temperaments and inclinations.

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